Something funny

Just a small ping to let you all know I’m still alive and thinking about this project. I’ll get some code online soon, meanwhile a friend sent me this:

(found it on Facebook)

Uncategorized Update

Preview v1.0.1 on npm

Dear internet.

I recently pushed a new version to npm – refactored into modern JavaScript (ES2015) with unit tests, linting and all the things that JavaScript hipsters were using last year!

  1. Dracula is just one npm install away:
    npm install graphdracula
    npm install raphael
  2. Go on to fill up an index.js with such content:
    var Dracula = require('graphdracula');
    var Graph = Dracula.Graph; var Renderer = Dracula.Renderer.Raphael; var Layout = Dracula.Layout.Spring; var graph = new Graph(); graph.addEdge('Banana', 'Apple'); graph.addEdge('Apple', 'Kiwi'); graph.addEdge('Apple', 'Dragonfruit'); graph.addEdge('Dragonfruit', 'Banana'); graph.addEdge('Kiwi', 'Banana'); var layout = new Layout(graph) var renderer = new Renderer('#paper', graph, 400, 300); renderer.draw()
  3. Compile:
    browserify --debug index.js > bundle.js
  4. Serve it hot on an index.html:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
     <title>Graph Dracula Browserify Boilerplate</title>
     <meta charset="utf-8">
     <div id="paper"></div>
     <script src="./bundle.js"></script>

It’s all on a brand new boilerplate at and it looks like this

I’ll put the new version of Dracula on a CDN some time soon and post the link at this very place. Stay tuned!


ES 2015

Just letting you know I’m currently working on making Graph Dracula work with NPM and port it to ES2015 awesomeness. Stay tuned!


My tiny svg library

Hi, I just pushed a tiny svg library to GitHub. I want it to be a foundation of a lightweight version of Dracula, and it’s less than 1k in size (gzipped + minified).

Stay tuned!



Short update: new code and tree mode

Dear people. Here’s just some short news on what’s currently going on:

I have finished my studies and am working on a start-up together with some friends. It’s about apparel online shopping, a software that gets your measurements by a webcam. Tricky, but doable 🙂 Just got an office in the centre of Berlin, will have more time soon…

Regarding the Dracula library, two people have send me some interesting updates. They look nice and I want to integrate them soon in my main development path. If you can’t wait, have a look here for some new code and a tree mode on GitHub:

Cheers. Philipp

Feature Tutorial Update

Deterministic Graph Layouts

The latest code on launchpad now includes a library for a deterministic random behaviour, allowing deterministic graph layouts. You can experiment with a few values and then stick with the one that produced the best result.

Simply include the library


and initialize with

Math.seedrandom("any string you like");


Update Webiste

Launched Site

I just launched the Dracula Graph Library site. Currently, it’s just a WordPress 3.0 default install theme, but I’ll think of something. For now, you’ll find the download, documentation, some descriptions and more. Stay tuned! There’s a lot to come.