Short update: new code and tree mode

Dear people. Here’s just some short news on what’s currently going on:

I have finished my studies and am working on a start-up together with some friends. It’s about apparel online shopping, a software that gets your measurements by a webcam. Tricky, but doable 🙂 Just got an office in the centre of Berlin, will have more time soon…

Regarding the Dracula library, two people have send me some interesting updates. They look nice and I want to integrate them soon in my main development path. If you can’t wait, have a look here for some new code and a tree mode on GitHub:

Cheers. Philipp

By Johann Philipp

Computer science student.

2 replies on “Short update: new code and tree mode”

Great job with the graph layout!!
Is the tree layout integrated in the Dracula core yet??
It would be great if you could do that soon. Will be very useful….


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