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Preview v1.0.1 on npm

Dear internet.

I recently pushed a new version to npm – refactored into modern JavaScript (ES2015) with unit tests, linting and all the things that JavaScript hipsters were using last year!

  1. Dracula is just one npm install away:
    npm install graphdracula
    npm install raphael
  2. Go on to fill up an index.js with such content:
    var Dracula = require('graphdracula');
    var Graph = Dracula.Graph; var Renderer = Dracula.Renderer.Raphael; var Layout = Dracula.Layout.Spring; var graph = new Graph(); graph.addEdge('Banana', 'Apple'); graph.addEdge('Apple', 'Kiwi'); graph.addEdge('Apple', 'Dragonfruit'); graph.addEdge('Dragonfruit', 'Banana'); graph.addEdge('Kiwi', 'Banana'); var layout = new Layout(graph) var renderer = new Renderer('#paper', graph, 400, 300); renderer.draw()
  3. Compile:
    browserify --debug index.js > bundle.js
  4. Serve it hot on an index.html:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
     <title>Graph Dracula Browserify Boilerplate</title>
     <meta charset="utf-8">
     <div id="paper"></div>
     <script src="./bundle.js"></script>

It’s all on a brand new boilerplate at and it looks like this

I’ll put the new version of Dracula on a CDN some time soon and post the link at this very place. Stay tuned!

Short update: new code and tree mode

Dear people. Here’s just some short news on what’s currently going on:

I have finished my studies and am working on a start-up together with some friends. It’s about apparel online shopping, a software that gets your measurements by a webcam. Tricky, but doable 🙂 Just got an office in the centre of Berlin, will have more time soon…

Regarding the Dracula library, two people have send me some interesting updates. They look nice and I want to integrate them soon in my main development path. If you can’t wait, have a look here for some new code and a tree mode on GitHub:

Cheers. Philipp

Deterministic Graph Layouts

The latest code on launchpad now includes a library for a deterministic random behaviour, allowing deterministic graph layouts. You can experiment with a few values and then stick with the one that produced the best result.

Simply include the library


and initialize with

Math.seedrandom("any string you like");


Launched Site

I just launched the Dracula Graph Library site. Currently, it’s just a WordPress 3.0 default install theme, but I’ll think of something. For now, you’ll find the download, documentation, some descriptions and more. Stay tuned! There’s a lot to come.